A network for logistics companies conducting

business along the New Silk Road


Our Vision

New Silk Road Network (NSRN) was founded by a passionate team to help make the Belt and Road Initiative, also dubbed the New Silk Road, more accessible and tangible for logistics companies worldwide. It is the the place where you can meet, share, and learn from companies like yours, who are also looking to transform the Belt and Road Initiative into a business opportunity for themselves.
By providing our community with the means to connect and build relationships with fellow logistics companies who share the common goal of leveraging the opportunities arising from the BRI, we help our members position themselves in a winning position in today’s changing global supply chain.


Connect with the right people

Information and knowledge exchange

Expand your market reach and service portfolio

Grow your business

What makes us special?

1. We are a non-exclusive yet still boutique network with a niche focus. This means that all network participants are highly geared towards the common goal of further developing their market along the BRI, and there is a higher potential for collaboration between members.

2. In addition to being a B2B networking platform, we are also a knowledge hub. Given the special nature of the BRI, information is not always accessible, and the options are forever changing. Leveraging our expert member and partner base, we help you learn more about the BRI and keep up with the latest developments.

3. New Silk Road Network is not just for freight forwarders. We see the value of having a more diverse variety of players in our community, so that for each stage of your logistics chain, you can choose the best fitting partner.

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