How to become a Member / Partner

Member Categories

To cater to the vast array of companies involved in the global supply chain along the New Silk Road, we have set up the following categories of membership:




Customs Clearance Agency


Partner Categories

In order to provide all members with the support and eco-system to strive, we also partner with other logistics related service providers, who do not fall into the member categories. These could be:






Application Process and Criteria

Each member would need a select 1 to 2 of the following categories to apply for. The member categories available are:

Warehousing (asset owning or long term lease)
Trucking (asset owning or long term lease)
Customs clearance (in-house license)

This does not limit what services you can provide to other members of the network, however it enables everyone to easily navigate and discover what each other does best.

A specific application form will be given based on the category /categories chosen. This is then checked by our management team. Certain qualifications and certificates, or proof of ownership of certain assets may be required.

In addition, all companies should provide 2 external references. Our team will reach out with some questions regarding your past performance and reliability. A membership approval will only be granted provided that the company has demonstrated strong capabilities and trustiness in the past.



Interested in Joining?

For more details about the membership, please contact our team directly.

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