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It is not often that you open social media or news apps (or newspapers) and see a gigantic container ship wedged between the two ends of the Suez Canal, leaving just enough space for a little canoe to pass through. Of course, canoes cannot transport containers. As the Suez Canal came to a halt last month for a period of 6 days and 7 hours, a traffic blockage was caused, preventing containers ships from moving through the waterway. The repercussions: delayed shipments, delayed trade, ships were taking longer routes via the Cape of Good Hope and finally, distressed customers and freight forwarders.

(Satellite Image of the Suez Canal Obstruction. Pic Credit: Wikipedia)

(PIC Credit: TOO InterAvtoTrans PRIMUM)

New Silk Road Network’s member from Kazakhstan, TOO InterAvtoTrans (PRIMUM), recently adopted a better solution for e-commerce logistics.

It is well known that the majority of exports from China that require fast transit are e-commerce goods. More often than not, e-commerce exporters favour trucking over rail or air freight. Trucking is more flexible as compared to rail and air and additionally much cheaper than air freight.

Sunita Bhambhani Shah, Overseas Director of MEPL Dubai, a founding member of the New Silk Road Network, spoke to us this month about the relevance of the New Silk Road in Dubai and how the companies can leverage it. Ms. Bhambhani Shah shows an active interest in the network and is always ready for a quick chat when needed. Her warm and lively persona makes interactions with her very comfortable, and she is always open to learning and sharing what she has learnt. Knowledge, for Ms. Bhambhani Shah, is the central piece of any good business.

(Pic Credit: MEPL International)

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