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(Pic Credit:MEPL International)

New Silk Road Network founding member MEPL International was commissioned for a project to move several Genset units for their client. While 7 units have already been successfully shipped, the 3rd lot of 3 x 40FT flat racks was destined to move during the month of September, when space, equipment and trucking shortage was on peak.

(Pic credit: CSL Sp. z.o.o)

New Silk Road Network’s founding member CSL Sp. z o.o. recently received an award recognizing its excellence in the category of Transport and Logistics. The Symbol awards are given to those organisations that strive to make the world a better place. Started in 2011, the awards are hosted by the editorial office of "Monitor Rynkowy", part of "Monitor Biznesu", an independent supplement distributed with "Rzeczpospolita".

(Pic Credit: Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics)

Remarkable developments have been underway for New Silk Road Network’s founding member Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics (ADS). Recently, China International Marine Containers Logistics, a daughter organization of the conglomerate CIMC, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ADS Logistics to facilitate investment between the two companies. Hu Pengfei, Managing Director of CIMC Logistics, and Yang Zhenyu, President of Anda Shun Group attended the signing ceremony.

It has become common knowledge that subsidies for rail freight along the New Silk Road have significantly reduced, pressuring forwarders and operators to chalk out new ways to keep the momentum in the industry going. Recently, at the World of Freight Expo (WOF) held in Bratislava, Ms. Ziwei Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of New Silk Road Network (NSRN), moderated an interesting discussion panel addressing the concerns regarding sustaining the rail freight industry post-subsidies and post-pandemic.

(Pic Courtesy: WOF Expo)

’Resilience’ has been the catchword for the past couple of years. We have been talking about resilient immune systems, resilient healthcare systems, resilient social and economic systems. But one other need for resilience has emerged in the supply chain industry. The supply chain industry faced numerous shocks as the COVID-19 pandemic surged across borders and continents. Sea, air, rail, and road freight were each detrimentally affected in the past couple of years.

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Russia had always had a slightly distanced attitude when it came to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Though both countries have worked on various BRI projects for years, Russia has always seemed to be an absent partner in the initiative. Russia is not a partner of the BRI; however, it has offered its backyard for some of the infrastructure developments that are significant to the New Silk Road.

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