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(Linktis team in action! Pic Credit: Linktis Sp. z o. o)

New Silk Road Network’s member from Poland, Linktis Sp. z o. o. undertook charitable activities leveraging their logistical strengths. Like any growing business enterprise, one must take up pursuits to give back to the community. Recently, Linktis along with RTS Widzew Łódź, a Polish football club and the Foundation for the Development of the Democratic Republic of Congo, organised a charity drive. The donation drive allowed anyone to leave gifts in forms of toys, clothing or footballs to be given, which will be given to the local youth from the Kauka district of Ghana.

(Linktis team in action! Pic Credit: Linktis Sp. z o. o)

The initiative involved collecting gifts for the needy and transporting them to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Linktis conducted the transport aspect by collecting all the gift items and sending them to DRC. NSRN would like to congratulate Linktis for using their capabilities to help those in need. Established in 2013, Linktis specialises in road transport and are recently growing their new sea, air, rail forwarding department.

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