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(Pic Courtesy: Kopf + Lübben)

A few months ago, New Silk Road Network’s founding member, Kopf + Lübben GmbH undertook an extraordinary transport with special permits, within the city of Bremen, Germany. A decommissioned Deutsche Bahn wagon was picked up by a low loader from the train station and then taken to an industrial area.

Two mobile cranes worked simultaneously for loading and unloading. The low loader then drove to the destination at nighttime with heavy transport permit. An escort vehicle accompanied the whole journey. At the destination a track bed was created to accommodate the wagon.

(Pic Courtesy: Kopf + Lübben)

This may not be a very long-distance transfer, but it was for sure special having taken place near the HQ of both Kopf & Lübben and New Silk Road Network! Congrats to our member for a neat job!

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