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(East-West Intermodal's New Website)

New Silk Road Network’s founding partner, East-West Intermodal Logistics Plc has revamped their website. The new website’s sharp and sleek design captures the multiple aspects of the company and the variety of services it offers. Apart from English, the website is also available in Magyar and Russian.

One of the central aspects of the website is the countdown tracker that shows the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds left for the opening of the terminal. At the moment of publication, the countdown shows 423 days till operations begin. This terminal will be the ‘The Western Gate’ for the New Silk Road, with 4 mobile container handler, 5 terminal tractors, 10 semi-trailers and 4 independent crane tracks. It also provides the transfer of containers from wide-gauge railway wagon or truck to a standard gauge railway wagon or truck. East-West Intermodal will accommodate road and rail transport, apart from offering strong warehousing capabilities.

With an area of 85 hectares, East-West Intermodal Logistics’ Terminal will be a class apart and highly functional space catering to the wide range of their customers’ needs in a personalized manner. NSRN counts the days to the opening and wishes the East-West Intermodal Team the very best!

Click here to view their new website:

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