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(Pic credit: CITIPOST Nordwest GmbH)

As we approach year end, CITIPOST Nordwest GmbH, a member of New Silk Road Network, recaps their journey over the years and the developments that have taken place in 2020. Established in 2005, the company initially started in the premises of Nordwest Zeitung, a regional newspaper in Peterstrasse, Oldenburg. Due to its rapid enlargement, the office moved to Stubbenweg in Etzhorn.

CITIPost Nordwest was one of the founding members of the National CITIPOST Association. In 2010 it became the first to put the order picking system in operation. The next significant achievement was the receiving of certification of quality management of the company according to DIN standard in 2011. In the same year, the mail centre in Wilhelmshavener Heerstrasse, Oldenburg was inaugurated.

From the year 2012 to 2014, CITIPOST Nordwest took active steps towards reducing CO2 emissions, conducted in association with Fraunhofer Institute (IFAM). This involved the inclusion of using electric cars for the purpose of logistics. Aligning with the same principles, the company also began its cooperation with the non-profit organization "Atmosfair", which focuses on projects in climate protection. Along with these green developments, CITIPOST Nordwest also commissioned large photovoltaic systems to achieve 100 per cent green energy usage in Etzhorn. This also contributed to the high-performance order picking system "Apex" which can process an additional 40,000 letters every hour! In 2015 CITIPOST Northwest celebrated its 10th anniversary and also received the DIN certification for environmental management.

(Pic credit: CITIPOST Nordwest GmbH)

By 2018, a million letter had been processed by CITIPOST. In the same year, CITIPOST signed the "Diversity Charter", for cultivating a diverse workplace. From the year 2018, many other momentous achievements gathered under their belt. First was acquiring a small e-vehicle company "Paxster" and following with e-cargo bikes company "Rytle MovR". This allowed CITIPOST to become completely emission-free with the usage of e-vehicles to collect mail from the warehouse and deliver it through the city to the end customer. A large number of e-bikes and several electric and hybrid vehicles strengthened the environmentally friendly fleet of the CITIPOST.

The year 2020 has been equally noteworthy for CITIPOST with the expansion into Wittmund, Aurich and Wilhelmshaven while cooperating with partner companies. Later in the year, operations also began in the regions of Emden and Papenburg. The second high-performance order picking system started in April, and the sales limit of 30 million euro was cracked. The next few goals for CITIPOST are reducing emissions in their e-commerce operations. The employees of CITIPOST Nordwest GmbH give their best every day and show that they can be relied on even in times of difficulty! Regarding the cooperation with the New Silk Road Network (NSRN), CITIPOST has set ambitious goals to connect with companies worldwide looking for the right partner for the last-mile-delivery in Germany. They look forward to developing their client base overseas, by positioning themselves as the perfect partner when it comes to local distribution using their already established network. NSRN is particularly happy to have such members dedicated to sustainable growth onboard and sees a bright outlook for 2021 together!

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