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Something is always brewing at Langowski Logistics, one of New Silk Road Network’s founding member. This time it was an intriguing project that they successfully completed. In the Polish city of Świnoujście, the construction of an underground tunnel is in full swing. The parts of central machinery required to complete this task were transported by Langowski Logistics.

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A massive piece of machinery called Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) was transported over 2 months and 45 days to Świnoujście. The machinery was broken down to 129 parts and the first few pieces already arrived in October. Early elements of the machinery were brought in via sea. Langowski Logistics was responsible for moving the rest of the parts via rail from China to Świnoujście. After the complete assembly of the machine, the builders will drill the tunnel connecting two islands Uznam and Wolin on which the Świnoujście city is located.

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The complete assembly of the machinery will be completed in 2-3 months. The drilling is expected to begin in March 2021. The TBM weighing about 2,740 tons will drill the central part of the tunnel, a stretch of about 1,480 meters. The complete drilling is expected to end in five months after its beginning in March. This TBM is by far the largest boring machine used in Poland. NSRN extends its heartiest congratulations to Langowski Logistics for supporting infrastructural development projects like this and wish them the best as they continue to venture into unique opportunities like this!

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