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(Pic credit: CSL Sp. z.o.o)

Observing an industry's characteristics helps a company provide services that are unique and creative in nature. With that spirit, New Silk Road Network's (NSRN) member CSL Sp. z o.o., Poland, is involved in a new project of Nearshoring.

Nearshoring allows a business to spread its operations to countries that share a border with them or are in their geographical vicinity. The choice is usually the closest neighbouring countries. CSL Poland informs us that due to the pandemic caused lockdowns, there have been challenges in delivering goods from China. Many producers have not been able to sell goods to European markets. Now, CSL offers the opportunity for companies from Asia to secure their business by placing business processes in Europe, mainly in warehouses, and from there selling their products to the European market.

Przemysław Hołowacz, Chief Development Officer at CSL Sp. z o.o, reports, "We can observe a current trend. Asian companies do not spend a lot of money on building warehouses, hiring people, but instead use services of proven partners, who fully support them in customs agency services, transport, and inventory logistics, as well as in legal and accounting matters. It is about safe and reliable customs processing, sea freight, rail, air, intermodal and land transport. What is important for these companies is the highest quality of customs agency service and legal and accounting support. The CSL Group meets all these requirements and can fully assist companies from Asia."

Mr Hołowacz' business assistance, along with a gesture of goodwill and progress, will help logistic companies from Asia to create a stronger foothold in the European market, thereby creating a healthier logistics channel. NSRN lauds their efforts in carving opportunities and enabling a more supportive industry.

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