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(Pic credit: AGL Agemar)

Leveraging yet another fascinating opportunity, New Silk Road Network’s member AGL-Agemar performed exclusive handling for Formula 1 Redbull Racing Team. Despite the lack of its usual packed audience seats, the Formula 1 races still went ahead in 2020. The Turkish Grand Prix took place in Istanbul on 15 November, completing the 14th round of the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship.

AGL Agemar delivered pre and post-race promotional material for Redbull Racing to their VIPs in Turkey's various cities. The task was performed with speed and agility, just like the cars of Formula 1.

In the past, AGL Agemar has also handled many Formula 1 cars in their bonded warehouses. Therefore, their association with them has been long. Understanding the sophistication and careful requirements of Formula 1 is the key to undertake such transports. Despite some difficulties, AGL Agemar wrapped up all tasks in the middle of January and are now looking forward to another race season.

AGL-Agemar’s expertise lies in handling project cargo and skilfully managing consecutive load or on a spot basis. We congratulate them on their unique ventures!

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