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(Spedman team's charitable work)

An essential part of the Christmas season is the act of charity. Many members of New Silk Road Network conduct charitable activities as a way of giving back to the society that sustains them, and that is a truly remarkable gesture.

Our member, Spedman Global Logistics, undertook several charitable activities this Christmas, of which, we would like to highlight two of them in this article. First, the Spedman team donated Christmas treats to the salespersons who work at Faktum. The magazine helps vulnerable people in society to acquire work. For some, selling Faktum magazines is a step towards an orderly life. For others, it is a way to stay afloat, to take responsibility, plan their everyday lives, create routines, and a social context.

Second, Spedman Logistics assisted BRIGHT Products in shipping 460 solar-powered lamps that were donated to refugees living in the Vathy camp on the Greek island of Samos. It is a temporary tented facility with problematic access to electricity. The refugees light fires to see better, cook, and keep themselves warm. The lamps will help over 2000 people live safer.

As those in the business world, it is often necessary to do our bit and provide a charitable outlet to show our support to our community. Spedman’s activities have genuinely brought joy to those in need. NSRN praises them for their incredible work in spreading humanitarian values in these times.

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