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(Spedman transports Mozart's Don Giovani Opera set)

Have you ever wondered what is the connection between logistics and classical opera? If you are thinking not much, then think again. Recently, New Silk Road Network’s member Spedman Logistics moved an entire opera set from one end of Europe to another.

Spedman in Sweden completed a shipment of the entire set of Mozart’s Don Giovani from Greek National Opera in Athens (Greece) to Göteborg Opera House, Göteborg (Sweden). It took six 40’HC containers that held a combined 458.4 m3 of cargo to transport all the props needed for Mozart’s Don Giovani. Spedman’s Sales manager Jan Tjörnebro was in charge of the shipment and arranged the whole move with flawless precision.

Mr Tjörnebro has over years helped various art institutions to move valuable sets across the continent. He chalks out three essential tips to conduct such shipments. First, timing is critical as show productions have set schedules and rehearsals cannot be delayed. Second, extra care is required while handling props that are usually not easily recreated. Finally, keeping the customers updated is vital. Mr Tjörnebro also notes how during shipments the people they liaise with are passionate about the art they are supporting. At NSRN, we are proud to see our members supporting art and cultural events, wish them many more exclusive shipments.

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