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(Sunila Yadav receives AsiaOne award. Pic Credit:AsiaOne)

The early months of 2021 have bought many laurels to New Silk Road Network’s member Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt. Ltd. Early this year, their Managing Director Sunila Yadav had received the prestigious ‘Business Leader of the Year’ Award. In the past two weeks, Anil Mantra received two more awards from AsiaOne Magazine, a premier media house covering news and analysis from various industries, including the business world.

Every year AsiaOne hands out awards to leading individuals in numerous fields and celebrates their successful contributions. This year, Anil Mantra Logistix was awarded their ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands 2020-21’. Moreover, Ms. Yadav also received AsiaOne’s ‘Women Empowerment Entrepreneur Award 2020-21’. The two awards have indeed decorated the mantel of Anil Mantra. Ms. Yadav’s two-decade-long dedication to the supply chain and logistics industry has been well acknowledged through these various awards. NSRN congratulates her on the recognition of her long commitment to our industry, and we wish her more honours in the future.

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