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In the past few months, two of New Silk Road Network’s (NSRN) members, Ocean Bright Logistics from China and Polish Forwarding Company (PFC), from Poland, have been conducting regular block trains between China and Europe. Over the months, this successful joint venture has caused buzz through NSRN’s community.

So far there has been a stable service with a frequency of twice per week, with departures every Friday and Sunday.

Please see below for the departure schedule for week 14 – week 18:

Week 14

CFS closing:29 Mar,31 Mar

Train departure from Xi’an:2 Apr,4 Apr

Delivery in Warsaw:18 Apr,20 Apr

Week 15

CFS closing:5 Apr,7 Apr

Train departure from Xi’an:9 Apr,11 Apr

Delivery in Warsaw:25 Apr,27 Apr

Week 16

CFS closing:12 Apr,14 Apr

Train departure from Xi’an:16 Apr,18 Apr

Delivery in Warsaw:2 May Apr,4 May

Week 17

CFS closing:19 Apr,21 Apr

Train departure from Xi’an:23 Apr,25 Apr

Delivery in Warsaw:9 May Apr,11 May

Week 18

CFS closing:26 Apr,28 Apr

Train departure from Xi’an:30 Apr,2 May

Delivery in Warsaw:16 May Apr,18 May

The frequency of the trains has sustained the stability of the service. The point of departure is Xi’an in China, and arrival is set in Warsaw, Poland. The train takes an estimated time of 14 days after the departure from Xi’an till the passing through Malaszewiecze. Additionally, pick from Chinese inland locations and deconsolidation and movement from Malaszewicze to Warsaw requires a total of 3-4 days, making a total transit time of 16-18 days.

The service has remained unaffected by the problems caused by lack of space and equipment as both Ocean Bright and PFC were well prepared and planned ahead to tackle this issue. The only thing of concern for the block train was the queue at the Chinese-Kazakh border. However, the companies speculate that the throughput will increase along the route as Chinese officials will aid to double the container volume in 2021.

Ocean Bright and PFC note that their partnership works like a ‘good old marriage’, where they equally share responsibilities, profits/losses, ideas and workload. At the moment, the companies are planning to buy their own stock of at least 60 containers in the first half of 2021. Ocean Bright is responsible for the Asian segment of the joint venture and is on its way to becoming a direct booking agent for the rail platform in Xi’an. Meanwhile, PFC in Poland is working towards a bonded warehouse in a new location. For NSRN, ventures like these are the gold example of how the community comes together to conduct rail freight. NSRN congratulates Ocean Bright and PFC for their successful venture.

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