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Turkey holds a significant position between Europe and Asia, acting as a critical gateway. Along with Austria ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG), New Silk Road Network ‘s partner Pasifik Eurasia has strengthened its operations at Köseköy terminal in Turkey. This collaboration aims to promote Turkey as the ‘future market for Eurasian rail transport’.

As part of the partnership, Pasifik Eurasia will forward goods from Asia to Köseköy, where ÖBB RCG steps in to bring them on to the West of Europe. In turn, the ÖBB RCG will also be transporting goods from the Western Europe to Köseköy, where Pasifik Eurasia will pick up the baton and transport them to Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Uzbekistan and on into China. In this way, the two companies are strengthening supply chains across the Eurasian continent via sustainable rail transport and bringing us closer to reaching global climate targets. Through this cooperation they wish also wish to further reinforce its position as a gateway terminal to Europe, CIS region and China. This terminal handles Turkish export products such as steel, wood and automotive parts.

(Pasifik Eurasia)

The ÖBB RCG and Pasifik Eurasia play a leading role in European logistics for transport from China to Europe via Turkey. 17 members of RCG staff are based in Istanbul and ÖBB RCG currently provides 10 round trips per week from Europe to Turkey. Most of the trains go to the Halkali terminal in Istanbul. Through the cooperation with PASİFİK EURASİA, these trains will also approach the terminal Köseköy on the Asian side of Turkey. Köseköy is one of TCDD’s 19 logistics centres and is operated by Pasifik Eurasia.

With the cooperation between Pasifik Eurasia and ÖBB RCG, Kösekoy will act as the primary destination for ÖBB RCG trains that use Turkey as an entry point. This will give the terminal a competitive edge over Istanbul’s Halkali terminal. Moreover, this initiative will optimize supply chains and create newer opportunities by growing networks between Europe and Asia.

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