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(Pic Credit: IGS Schreiner)

New Silk Road Network’s member IGS Schreiner GmbH has recently invested in four new swap bodies that are now delivered and in use. This is an initiative into investing in development and growth. Swap bodies are standard freight containers typically used for road and rail transport. Swap bodies are known to be more durable and secure as compared to regular containers.

Particularly, IGS Schreiner has been using swap bodies in their conventional transports for the distribution of their customers' goods to southern Germany. They are consistently moving conventional cargo from road to rail. In this way, they are investing in a sustainable form of transport and growing towards a greener enterprise.

(Pic Credit: IGS Schreiner)

At the time of publishing, the new swap bodies have already been put to use and being loaded at the rail terminal in Hamburg. NSRN applauds their efforts and wishes them the best for their endeavours.

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