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The Persian Gulf has always been a crucial logistics gateway, especially to venture into the CIS region. The landlocked CIS region could only be accessed through specific gateways to export or import cargo. However, after the economic embargo placed on Iran, these options reduced even further. New Silk Road Network’s member from UAE, Astron Shipping, presents a detailed overview of accessing the Persian Gulf and the route to the CIS region. Astron Shipping has been in the business for years and are experts in sea, air and road freight. They are adept in the Gulf Area and the CIS. Apart from this, they are also capable in the field of Breakbulk cargo.

(Project Logistics conducted by Astron Shipping. Pic Credit:Astron Shipping)

Before the Embargo

The CIS is one of the most isolated regions globally, without any access to any large water bodies such as seas or oceans. Essentially, there are three gateways to the CIS region, first via China and second via Georgia, and the third via Iran. Cargo coming from the Far East enters the CIS region via China. However, the route is long, expensive and it can be challenging to acquire space sometimes. The second route is through the Port of Poti in Georgia, which is also exceptionally long and not economical. Finally, the most economical entrance to the CIS was through Iran.

During this period, cargo from all over the world came to Iran as it became an entryway into the region. However, after a series of embargos through the 2010s, Iran lost its logistical centeredness. Many forms of cargo became restricted, and even those that were not stopped faced some logistical complication.

Astron’s efforts in CIS

Astron Shipping has been conducting business through the CIS since 2011. Initially, a couple of customers requested shipments of reefer cargo to the CIS. During that period, Astron also formed an association with other companies from Iran who assisted with on-carriage transportation and logistical services. Different service providers offer different rates, and Astron usually selects the most competitive rate to benefit their customers.

Now, Astron’s customers send their cargo to UAE, to the Port of Jebel Ali. From there, Astron arranges to forward the shipment into the CIS. Jebel Ali is the most economical and fastest route, which now companies can opt for. So, for those that do not mind their cargo being routed through Iran, Jebel Ali appears a good alternative.

(Pic Credit:Astron Shipping)

CIS countries are mainly importing countries, and imports from Europe are also significant. However, many a time, European sellers are sceptical with the demands coming from the CIS countries because they are unsure and unaware about the opportunities or how to take the request forward. At the same time, not all have traders or arrangements or even the know-how to handle them.

Therefore, Astron’s service offers a comfortable option to customers who wish to transport goods to the CIS nations. After initial informing about the type of cargo, the customer can ship the cargo to Astron, in Jebel Ali. Next, the customer must also share the details of the final consignee in the specific CIS country. From thereon, Astron can undertake the cargo delivery to its end destination.

It is essential to know that not all commodities are restricted, some general commodities can still move via the Persian Gulf to the CIS states, but it depends on the point of origin. Household items, electronics, foodstuff, building materials medical equipment are some of the common types of cargo moved to the CIS by Astron. However, steel and oilfield equipment is generally restricted to transit via the Persian Gulf. Exports amount far less from CIS nations, as compared to imports, commonly being cotton or bitumen, but primarily it is the imports that are more significant. Finally, Astron also reports that they have not faced any extraordinary challenges in the region and can assure that Jebel Ali, UAE, is the best way forward when conducting business with the CIS countries

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