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(Pic Credit: Great Silk Road)

New Silk Road’s member from Turkmenistan IE “Beyik Yupek Yoly” or “Great Silk Road” handled 6 vessels, under the types Volgo Don (5000 TN), Nadjeda (7000 TN) and Omskiy (3000 TN) over the course of one year. Through these vessels, Great Silk Road transported a range of cargo such as furniture, building material, MDF, chipboards, steel rebars and even greenhouse complexes.

Partnered with Alem Shipping, the first shipping company in Turkmenistan to offer international sea cargo transportation, Great Silk Road offers their clients a stable schedule for cargo delivery by sea during the navigation season through the Volga-Don Canal, and further into the geographic regions of the Black Sea, Maramara Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Their services also include pre-carriage, customs clearance of goods, cargo insurance and carrying out multimodal and intermodal cargo transportation. Apart from the types of cargo mentioned above, Great Silk Road is able to handle a full range of cargo such as groupage cargo, general cargo, breakbulk, oversized and heavy cargo, dangerous goods, special equipment and machinery.

(Pic Credit: Great Silk Road)

Thanks to their developing logistics capabilities, Great Silk Road is proud to announce that they have won the tender for a 3-year project for the multinational oil and gas company Eni’s Turkmenistan operations. Great Silk Road adds that Eni Turkmenistan is a valuable customer and an influential player in the industry worldwide. NSRN congratulates Great Silk Road on a successful year and wished them best of luck in carrying out the project for Eni!

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