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(Pic Credit:MEPL International)

New Silk Road Network founding member MEPL International was commissioned for a project to move several Genset units for their client. While 7 units have already been successfully shipped, the 3rd lot of 3 x 40FT flat racks was destined to move during the month of September, when space, equipment and trucking shortage was on peak.

Faced with a tall challenge, MEPL International turned to fellow New Silk Road Network member IGS Schreiner for assistance. Together the two teams worked their magic and completed the project with precision and timeliness. As the task was on a door-to-door basis, the job began with picking up the cargo from the shipper’s warehouse in Denmark and arranging the first mile delivery towards Hamburg port.

(Pic Credit:MEPL International)

During the process, road transport approvals were procured. Then the IGS Schreiner team completed the loading of the cargo onto the flat racks, lashed and secured the cargo in place, and custom cleared the goods for export. Delivery was made towards Karachi port, from there the Pakistan branch of MEPL International took over the goods and completed the last mile to the consignee site within 3 days of shipment arrival.

New Silk Road Network is delighted to see our members working together to overcome the industry turmoil’s and would like to congratulate them both for a job well done!

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