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(Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics)

The current market continues to be challenging for pulp and paper producers worldwide. Delays, rolling of containers, unreliable services and, of course, historic high levels of sea freight rates have pushed producers to re-think their supply chains.

Since the 2010s, it is seen that a commodity that is perfectly suited for breakbulk has slowly but steadily shifted from Breakbulk towards containers. The main push for this movement has been the falling cost of containers in these years, and the convenience of smaller lot sizes, and the fact that the containers are also simpler to handle, and the risk of damages and contamination is greatly reduced.

However, with current rates levels and shortages of containers, there has been a return of pulp and paper being shipped in breakbulk. This sudden change poses new challenges for the established supply chain and pushes producers towards seeking flexible partners.

New Silk Road Network’s founding member from Germany, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), is proud to be the first choice for many of the world’s leading producers. In this instance, the AGL team has welcomed a Spliethoff side loader vessel in the port of Bremen on the night of 14th January 2022 and offered the producers the same Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions as in the established warehouses and hubs.

(Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics)

Through the Friday night/ Saturday deployment of a mobile three-person team, scanning equipment and the flexibility of their in-house IT system “AGL-Web”, the AGL team managed to seamlessly integrate the new warehouse into the systems of their customers and provide the exact VMI solutions. Quality-control, Roll-Repair, and warehousing and handling services were included at the best-in-class service level. These services and systems are in place for all long-term pulp and paper customers of AGL with physical pulp and paper handling via their dedicated warehouses. We congratulate AGL on their strong capabilities.

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