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For New Silk Road Network member, the PRIMUM brand, the end of 2021 marked not only the conclusion of an extremely challenging and busy year, but also the beginning of something very special. In September 2021, the construction of their new HQ office in Minsk was completed, and in October, the PRIMUM team managed to move into their new home just in time to celebrate the company’s 25th Anniversary.

(Pic Credit: PRIMUM )

The new PRIMUM headquarters occupies an area of 4.7 hectares and includes a 5-story office building, space for the trucking fleet, a checkpoint building, an own repair area and car wash, parking space for employees' and a green lounge zone. Such construction took just under 2 years, having commenced in December 2019.

The PRIMUM team proudly points out that the design of the building was the perfect integration of creative design and high-tech architectural solutions. In addition, much thought was put into the future of the brand.

(Pic Credit: PRIMUM )

During construction, they decided to hold a symbolic ceremony for the contemporaries and descendants - to lay a "Time Capsule" in the porch of the office building. The "Time Capsule" is a message to those who will be working at PRIMUM in 2050, from delivering goods to building complex supply chains, across the globe or perhaps even beyond Earth :) In the message, they wrote down what it is like to work at the company and what values PRIMUM carries. The heads of all PRIMUM departments and their investors participated in the laydown ceremony of the "Time Capsule".

(Pic Credit: PRIMUM )

As the management noted, the opportunity to realize such a large-scale construction is the merit of all employees of the company, and the fact that up till this point, PRIMUM did not have its own administrative and production complex is an indicator of a well-thought-out tactic: to learn from the experience of their own people and implement the idea one step ahead.

(Pic Credit: PRIMUM )

We are delighted to be able to share this remarkable journey with them though this video documentation of the process: and we wish them the very best in continuing their success from their new home.

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