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New Silk Road Network’s partner mail alliance, a brand of mailworXs GmbH is a German private postal service provider known for its competitiveness and wide national coverage. Specialized in German-wide delivery of letterbox-ready postal and e-commerce shipments, they continue to grow by prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing cost-efficient solutions.

Michael Kunter (Spokesman) and Mario Eichelmann form the new dual leadership of the mail alliance. (Photo Source: Ulrich Schepp and Sascha Janne)

In this month’s interview, our co-founder Mr. Alexander Hellmers spoke with Mr. Mario Eichelmann, newly appointed Managing Director, about their new management structure, the unique services of mail alliance, and how they view their future development. We also obtain insights into their experience with Chinese e- commerce companies, sustainable mail systems and their thoughts how the New Silk Road effects their development plan. In conversation with Mario……

NSRN: First of all, congratulations on your appointment as second managing director of the mail alliance! Why is there a dual leadership?

Mario EICHELMANN: Thank you very much, Mr Hellmers! Yes, since 01 February 2022, mail alliance, a brand of mailworXs GmbH, has a dual leadership with Michael Kunter and me. Michael Kunter, managing director of mail alliance since its foundation in 2010, focuses on commercial management, operations, IT, marketing and sales. I am responsible for e-commerce, order management and logistics. The expansion of the management team strengthens the innovative power of mail alliance and creates room for creative growth; Michael Kunter and I will both concentrate on our respective strengths and TOGETHER drive forward the positioning of mail alliance in the field of e-commerce.

NSRN: What does the mail alliance stand for?

Mario EICHELMANN: The mail alliance is specialised in the Germany-wide delivery of letterbox-ready postal and e-commerce shipments in all common formats: trackable e-commerce consignments, mailings, flyers, coupons & gift cards, magazines and catalogues. Our goal is that every stationary retailer, every online shop operator who sends letterbox-ready shipments such as T-shirts, costume jewellery etc. within Germany worldwide or from their warehouses in China, Europe or Germany, requests us for a shipping quote.

The mail alliance – a brand of mailworXs GmbH – offers nationwide low-cost shipping for everything that fits in the letterbox. Pic credit: mail alliance

NSRN: What brought you to this current position? And which focal points will you develop further in the short and medium term?

Mario EICHELMANN: The market around the 40 million German letterboxes is currently developing highly dynamically. For national and international customers, we can improve many things around the last mile and thus position the mail alliance even more strongly in the market – for example, through supplementary dispatch and transport solutions as well as customised logistics services.

NSRN: mail alliance has been a partner of the New Silk Road Network for postal services and delivery on the last mile in Germany since the end of 2021. Such a partnership between a Germany-wide player and an international logistics network aroused a great deal of interest and curiosity. What were the main reasons for mail alliance to join the network? How does it fit into the mail alliance development plan?

Mario EICHELMANN: Today, the retailer, the e-commerce shop operator, is exerting more and more direct influence on the structure of its cargo flows. Logistics providers and customers enter into a long-term symbiosis to create synergies. For this reason, as a last mile specialist, it makes absolute sense for us to enter into a partnership with an international logistics network.

NSRN: In your opinion, what are the main advantages that mail alliance offers compared to other similar providers in the market? How does that make you more competitive on an international platform?

Mario EICHELMANN: As Germany's largest network of private postal service providers, mail alliance has a local presence through regional partners. Thanks to many years of experience and in-depth expertise, we know exactly what matters when it comes to delivery within Germany. We combine central planning expertise with local delivery competence, thus creating uniform processes with comprehensive quality management. We are an agile company and concentrate on the essentials: holistically planned and lean-structured, clearly calculated and reliably coordinated.

Management Board mail alliance – with typical shipping packaging for letterbox-ready e-commerce consignments Left: Mario Eichelmann, Managing Director mail alliance / Right: Michael Kunter, Spokesman of the Management Board, Managing Director mail alliance. Pic credit: mail alliance

NSRN: We know from previous conversations that mail alliance already has plenty of experience in dealing with Chinese e-commerce companies.

Mario EICHELMANN: First of all, I would like to say that our increasingly digital world has made it possible for us to do business with Chinese e-commerce companies in the first place. The mail alliance already has existing IT as well as online interfaces to Chinese customers, because we specialise in large quantities PLUS we are inexpensive and well-established; this of course is really attractive for (Chinese) e-commerce traders and they benefit financially!

NSRN: After all, the topic of sustainability has played and still plays an important role in the business activities of all companies in the supply chain. On the other hand, the booming e-commerce industry has come under scrutiny as convenience and efficiency often outweigh environmental impact. What do you think is the way forward for a more sustainable last mile delivery system? How is mail alliance tackling this challenge?

Mario EICHELMANN: The mail alliance offers the low-cost all-round carefree package for everything that fits in the letterbox. As Germany's largest network of private postal service providers, mail alliance has a local presence through regional partners. Delivery is made by "DROP-IN" in the letterbox (without confirmation); this can always AND immediately be done! The recipient does not have to be at home in person AND does not have to drive to the post office or parcel station (e. g. by car)! For all items in „letterbox-size“, the shop operator can use smaller packaging and thus avoid waste.

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