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We were once again reminded of the importance of helping one another by our Italian member Savino Del Bene S.p.A., who recently contributed with the donation of an innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, in collaboration with “Fondazione PAS” and “Humanitas” Scandicci (Florence, Italy).

Pic Credit: Savino Del Bene

The machine is one of the first of its kind in Italy, which can perform infiltrations for analgesic purposes, in the context of pain therapy without delivering radiation to the patient, as in the case of a CT scan. It has a high-resolution quality and is very quiet and open, making it particularly suitable for treating patients that could be claustrophobic and obese.

As Mr. Paolo Nocentini, President of Savino Del Bene S.p.A. said, “The idea of financially supporting the outpatient diagnostic clinic stems from the awareness that we must not just treat the symptoms of patients, but also do it in the best possible way. Promoting and supporting organizations in the area in which we operate has always been one of the key values of Savino Del Bene. “

We heartily applaud our member Savino Del Bene for giving back to their community with this generous donation, that will benefit not only Florence and Scandicci where Savino Del Bene Headquarters is located but also the neighboring municipalities.

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