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Planning, organizing, and coordinating the movement of goods between points of origin and consumption is the essential function of logistics and supply chain management. Pharmaceutical transportation requires a particular expertise with special requirements. Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd., a New Silk Road Network member from China, recently imported 73 pallets of chemical medicine, valued at 60 million Chinese Yuan from France to Hangzhou. They are now happy to report that a high level of efficiency was achieved for the domestic import service and customs clearance handled by them.

Pic Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

The cargo arrived in Chongqing Jiangbei Airport on the 23rd April at 19:54 in the evening. After a quick tally, the customs declaration was completed by 22:00 the same day. The next morning, the customs released the cargo, however due to control measures for epidemic prevention, the medicines had to be stored under temperature control until the pickup slot between 18:00 – 19:00. With no time wasted, three 15m cold chain trucks with full control tower systems picked up the medicines and left the international cargo terminal at 18:12. During the whole journey, the temperature was monitored in real time, so the client could be at ease. After submitting all documents, the cargo arrived at the designated warehouse at 08:30 on 26th April, and by 11:35, the unloading was completed.

Pic Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

A total of 1683km from Chongqing to Hangzhou was covered within a mere 50 hours. Intermax Logistics’ first-class coordination ability from ground service to customs to the storage yard contributed to the fast delivery, and their expertise in pharmaceuticals ensured that everything went smoothly.

Pic Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

Intermax Logistics Solutions has 20 years of experience in importing and exporting pharmaceutical products. They have a professional service team and a cold chain fleet, that can provide logistics solutions including rail, air, sea transport, customs clearance, trailers, warehousing service, etc.

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Intermax Logistics on their successful project. Please contact them if you need any relevant services and assistance.

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