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In logistics, when it comes to connecting the world, it is a fact that strong networks are crucial. New Silk Road Network (NSRN) aims to establish this bond between its members and partners ever since it was established. Our founding member Alexander Global Logistics GmbH (AGL) recently shared with us a project they completed in conjunction with fellow member Airmax Cargo Budapest Zrt. based on the good connection established through our network.

Pic Credit: AGL & Airmax Cargo Budapest

The story began when Jan-Moritz Höler, Team Manager for Sales at AGL and Diána Merczel, Head of Sea and Rail Freight at Airmax Cargo Budapest, met at the 2021 NSRN Regional Meet Up held last November in Bremen. At that time, Airmax Cargo Budapest was looking for a solution to transport a press machine from FOB Taicang, China to Kecskemét, Hungary for one of their major clients.

Since October 2021, the press machine had been on hold in the middle of nowhere in China. Weighing 85,20 tonnes, it was a sizeable unit 640 centimeters in length, 310 centimeters in width and 390 centimeters in height. Due to the pandemic restrictions and space shortages, the key challenge for this project was finding space with a suitable part-charter vessel and delivering on time. Sandra Dinklage, Team Lead for the Project Team, and Rainer Ottens, Senior Project Manager, accepted this challenge, and they succeeded in the delivery.

Pic Credit: AGL & Airmax Cargo Budapest

The process was not without issues. The team had to rebook the cargo several times, so the delivery kept on getting postponed. Finally after 6 months of waiting, the vessel finally departed Taicang the first week of March in 2022, with on the ground supervision by Marcel Grätz, Managing Director of AGL’s representative office in China. Once the vessel arrived in Antwerp, the AGL team also organized the unloading and handling at the terminal, Mr. Kevin Brünjes coordinated the last mile delivery of 1435km per low-bed trailer to Kecskemét, Hungary. Throughout the whole process, the Airmax Cargo team provided great support and guidance, and the pair worked together in sync to complete successfully their first project together!

Pic Credit: AGL & Airmax Cargo Budapest

As the NSRN team, we are extremely proud to house such members who not only have the expertise, but also place trust in each other. The secret to navigating the current hurdles in global logistics lies in a strong network and teamwork. Join the network now and kick-start your experience with the NSRN Annual General Meeting in Dubai between 21-24 September!

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