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New Silk Road Network’s member Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd. has completed an urgent delivery of a shore power testing device, consisting of a diesel generator and boost substation, from Ningbo, China to Singapore.

Photo Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

The generator measured 495 centimeters in length, 235 centimeters in width, and 275 centimeters in height; while the boost substation dimensions were 475 centimeters in length, 250 centimeters in width and 293 centimeters in height. The shortage of equipment and space posed a challenge to this project, while at the same time, the client required immediate delivery.

Photo Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

Within two days, Intermax Logistics had finished booking, requesting, and allocating special equipment (40’FR) for the oversized cargo. However, as soon as the cargo arrived in the warehouse, they discovered that the packaging was neither waterproof nor moisture-proof. After negotiation and authorization by their customer, Intermax Logistics purchased tarpaulins and reinforcement parts and successfully completed the re-packaging and reinforcement of the whole cargo. During the inspection, it was discovered that the generator contained batteries, which was initially not informed by the client. As the client could not provide a MSDS (material safety data sheet), Intermax Logistics had to urgently remove the battery.

Photo Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

The problems however did not end there. The lifting crane was broken when the container arrived at the port. While Intermax Logistics organized a speedy repair, time was still spent and the container was running behind schedule. In order to catch the loading time, Intermax Logistics worked closely with the customs office to ensure speedy clearance. Finally, the generator and boost substation were successfully loaded on board and shipped out.

Such a process for sure proves that every transportation comes with its unique set of challenges, and one must be ready to tackle everything that comes their way! We congratulate our member Intermax Logistics, who successfully overcame problem after problem to ensure the safe sailing of their client’s cargo and look forward to their future projects!

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