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New Silk Road Network (NSRN)’s member representing Poland, Omida Group, has been involved in a large project to transport rutile sand from Ukraine via Polish territory, despite the current difficulties with the ongoing war. 30 containers are already transiting between the two countries on a weekly basis with more volume to come in the future.

Photo Credit: Omida S.A.

The logistics industry has been facing numerous challenges for the past years, and as the conflict in Ukraine persists and there are issues with electrical blackouts, losing communication as well as the threat of bombings, companies must find new solutions to ensure the smooth flow of goods across the border. Omida Group offers both expertise and resources to ensure that the cargo is delivered safely and efficiently to its destination.

Ukraine is one of the top 10 producers of Rutile sand (titanium dioxide) in the world which as a raw material has various applications, mostly used for pigment manufacturing, metal production as well as welding. Being able to export Rutile sand from Ukraine, aids its efforts in recovering economical losses. Transportation of rutile sand comes with its own set of peculiarities, as it needs to be safely packed to avoid any stains, dust, and damage during the movement, at the same time, the moisture level must be observed.

Photo Credit: Omida S.A.

Since the Odessa Port in Ukraine is now mostly handling grain, both exporters and importers of other goods have to identify new supply chains. As a result, most of the goods are transiting via Poland and Romania now.

Rutile sand arrives from a producer in Ukraine to the Wola Baranowska Terminal in Poland. Normally, the most efficient and cost-effective way to transport rutile sand is to transport it loose in train wagons or bulk containers, but most of that equipment is now being used to transport grains. Therefore, upon receiving the cargo experienced Omida personnel carefully handles the sand for reloading, where the part of it gets packed in Big Bags, and the rest is loosely poured in foil-covered 20’FT containers to be further shipped to the Gdansk Port from where the final destinations are Saudi Arabia, USA, and Canada. Furthermore, to save costs Omida is providing 3 axle trailers to be able to load up to 27 tons net of rutile sand.

Photo Credit: Omida S.A.

Omida offers its customers a full specter of services via road and rail in both EU-UA and UA-EU directions, including loading, reloading, and warehousing services in Poland too. On top of standard shipments, they cover ADR goods and goods that require a veterinary control.

Photo Credit: Omida S.A.

Omida once again demonstrates its professionalism where no task is impossible by keeping fingers on the pulse and adapting to new reality and identifying new ways. That is something we congratulate them for and are excited to see what their next project will be!

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