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The reliability of New Silk Road Network’s member for China, InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd., is once again demonstrated. The team safely and successfully delivered over-width TP covers for offshore wind farms, to their final delivery destination, Kaohsiung. TP covers are sturdy waterproof components used to protect offshore wind farms during their construction. Sent from Denmark and stowed into a vessel in Amsterdam, the TP covers were loaded onto five 40’ flat racks containers. The TP covers were stacked in piles of 7, with each stack measuring 7.5 x 6.58 x 2.81m and weighing 8.000 kilograms.

Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

Special inspection by Taiwan customs authorities was needed to clear the cargo, but InterMax solved all documentation issues and coordinated duty and tax payment. In the morning, the importer submitted all necessary documentation, allowing the cargo to be released soon after. To save storage costs, InterMax immediately arranged for cranes and lifting equipment so that the flat racks could be picked up that night. The items were then delivered and offloaded at the final jobsite early next morning - all were completed before the high weekend storage costs kicked in.

Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

As expected, the project was executed to the client’s utmost satisfaction. The prompt response and remarkable service from InterMax resulted in more future project cargo from said clients. We want to congratulate InterMax Logistics Solutions on another excellent project and wish them continued success in their future endeavours!

Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

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