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New Silk Road Network member from Poland, Omida S.A. extended their hand to assist a fellow member from Bulgaria, Mireks Shipping with finding the right storage facility in Poland.

Mireks Shipping was in need of a warehouse in Poland, where various goods from different shippers, such as second-hand spare car parts, had to be consolidated. Upon arrival in the warehouse, the parts, which were packed in cartons, had to be put on one pallet ready for inland haulage.

Together with a partner, Omida found a warehouse in Biala Podlaska where the cargo was consolidated. A total weight of 175 Kgs, with dimensions of 120cm X 167cm X 200cm, were stacked on a pallet and made ready for pickup by Mireks.

The successful collaboration between the members highlights the benefits of utilizing the expertise and resources for the completion of even small tasks. Way to go, Omida and Mireks, we hope to report on another great work soon!

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