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New Silk Road Network member Belgruz Cargo Master, recently opened a branch in Poland, Pace Forwarding. After an eventful appearance at the Translogistica Poland Fair in Warsaw last year, Pace Forwarding was appointed by a client to deliver a batch of MAN Tipper trucks from Munich area to the port of Antwerp.

Photo Credit: Belgruz Cargo Master.

Each truck weighed 11 tons and had a dimension of 10,70 x 2,55 x 3,30 meters. As a result, low bed trucks were needed to move them on road. They were destined for West Africa, however as the originally booked Ro-Ro vessel was rescheduled to depart at an earlier date, time was pressing and the cargo had to be moved fast.

Under the extreme time pressure, fellow New Silk Road Network member IGS Schreiner GmbH from Germany reached out to help. With short notice time, they managed to load 7 of the tipper trucks onto low-bed trailers and transported them from Munich to Antwerp safely and on time for their next voyage.

This is a great example of how effective collaboration between the network members can be. Thanks to a solid relationship foundation built already at the events, in the time of need, IGS Schreiner was able to quickly step up to the challenge and trust was already in place. It highlights the importance of having the right connections within the industry and serves as an indication that when the right people come together, nothing is impossible.

On behalf of our team, we hand it to IGS Schreiner and Pace Forwarding on another well-done work!

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