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New Silk Road Network member from China, InterMax Logistics Solution, was entrusted by a client to deliver ADR Class 3 dangerous goods from China to Russia. Specifically, the goods were chemical DCPD-RIM-A&B, used for paints, adhesives, inks, and thermoset resins, and they were packed into 176 barrels for transport. InterMax arranged two high-standard trucks to transport the barrels. Aiming for the utmost safety of the goods, both trucks were in good condition and equipped with GPS so they could be monitored 24/7.

Trucks Used for Shipment Process, Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solution.

As trucks carrying ADR class 3 cargo can only go from China into Kazakhstan via the Alashankou border, after picking up the cargo from Bengbu, Intermax took the cargo via the Alashankou – Dostyk border, before finally delivering it to Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. The transit from Bengbu factory towards Alashankou took 4 days, upon arrival, all cargo needed to wait for the reloading onto foreign trucks.

Due to the high volume of trucks trying to enter the Chinese border from Kazakhstan, there was a long queue before the non-Chinese plated trucks could reach the transloading point. However, Intermax was able to correctly forecast the arrival time of their trucks at Alashankou, allowing the trucks that will take over the cargo to plan ahead and line up in advance to ensure a swift transition. Thanks to the brilliant coordination from both sides of the border, the waiting time was reduced to a minimum and reloading was completed swiftly.

From there onwards, the two trucks departed the Chinese border, completed the transit customs procedure in Kazakhstan and headed towards the final delivery site in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. The whole journey took only 14 days to complete. The client was obviously delighted with InterMax’s service, which entailed timely response, seamless arrangement and high-standard operations in handling dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Cargo, Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solution.

InterMax focuses on international road transport between China, the CIS region, Russia and Europe. Their expertise include handling reefer containers, dangerous goods, high value goods as well as oversized cargo. Congratulations to InterMax Logistics Solution on yet another excellent project!

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