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China NVOCC Container Lines Limited, a proud member of the New Silk Road Network representing China, has recently launched two new LCL rail freight services from China to Europe in response to growing customer demand. Since 2017, the company has been shipping LCL goods from Chengdu, China, to Warsaw via Malaszewicze. Containers are dispatched twice weekly, with 11 to 13 days transit times and an estimated departure date every Thursday and Saturday. In 2022 alone, China NVOCC handled an enormous number of consolidated boxes—more than 200 containers, with Poland as the primary endpoint for those transports.

Wuhan railway, Photo Credit: China NVOCC.

However, Europe has seen a significant increase in demand for consolidated shipments of goods from China in recent years. To match the growing demands from their clients, in February 2023, representatives from China NVOCC visited the Wuhan Railway Platform to explore cooperation that would give their clients guaranteed space even during peak season when cargo traffics are especially heavy. This set the foundation for launching a new stable LCL service.

On March 10, 2023, the company began operating two new rail consol services from Wuhan, one to Warsaw via Malaszewicze and the other to Hamburg. This service is carried out on a weekly basis, with departures every Friday from Wuhan Station. Transit times to Malaszewicze are around 13 days, while deliveries to Hamburg currently take 20 days.

Shipment routes, Photo Credit: China NVOCC.

China's rapid development of new rail lines linking countries in Europe and Asia is consistent with its Silk Road Economic Belt strategy. Chengdu is located in Western China and serves as one of the most well-connected railway stations to European countries. It also acts as a central hub for rail traffic throughout the country. In contrast, Wuhan is a crucial node in developing the New Silk Road, situated at the geographical heart of China.

As a strong player in the LCL market, China NVOCC Container Lines quickly recognized that cities such as Chengdu and Wuhan have different roles in the country's transportation infrastructure and leveraged them as part of their services. With already eight shipments on this route completed at the time of writing, we wish them success in all following deliveries.

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