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The CoViD-19 has made it difficult for companies to go about their regular business. However, as many doors shut, some interesting ones open. This was the case for three of our NSRN members. Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), situated in Germany, along with two China-based logistics company Shenzhen Anda Shun International Logistics (ADS) and CSC Transport Ltd collaborated to support the fight against coronavirus.

As the production capabilities of China have been restored, and in many cases increased, the demand for raw materials has simultaneously risen. AGL’s client, a producer of thermo strains for face masks, had full order books, however they were in urgent need of raw materials, in this case wood pulp. This meant that their traditional choice of ocean freight for transportation of wood pulp was too slow to maintain the factory output at a hundred percent. At the same time, the price of air freight was too high for such raw material. However, when AGL, ADS and CSC together worked on the situation, a solution was discovered. The operations were conducted via rail freight along the Hamburg-Hefei route. From Hefei onwards, the wood pulp was transported by truck to the destination. The materials reached the factory with a reduction of 3 weeks transit time compared to ocean freight and factory output was maintained fully. In the end, the rail solution comported to be both economical and efficient!

NSRN lauds the commitment of their members to work together and come up with intelligent solutions to help their clients. We hope that our members continue to reach out to each other in times of crisis, by engaging together and gaining good business from each other.

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