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(Pic Credit: Agemar Global Logistics)

NSRN’s founding member Agemar Global Logistics AS (AGL), has always prided themselves with transportation of oversized, heavy, and special commodities. These include from time to time transformers, excavators, boats, silo buses, container vehicle. These oversized and bulky cargoes are loaded on to flat rack containers or as breakbulk on ship’s deck. Most recently, they transported an 8 axles low bed trailer from Konya, Turkey to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam using a Ro/ro vessel.

(Pic Credit: Agemar Global Logistics)

They determinedly face challenges concerning the time, pricing and lashing of the products, working together as a team. Their expertise resides in the handling of project cargo and skilfully managing consecutive load or on a spot basis. Moreover, Agemar Global Logistics' own warehouses provide storage of these shipments pre-loading. They have a loyal pool of customers, who rely on them for their various shipping and storage needs, and NSRN is happy to have them onboard as experts in forwarding and warehousing.

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