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Joining a network is a strategic decision for many companies. It means being part of a community of like-minded people, who have the common goal of expanding their business network, learning from the experience of others, and in the end turning this into profit growth for themselves. The question arises, how should one use a network?

At the New Silk Road Network (NSRN), we have always used the analogy of comparing a network membership to that of a gym. Frequent visits paired with a suitable workout plan, will surely send you on the way to a six-pack. Similarly, the more you use the network, the better you can leverage the functions of the network and determine how much you value you get out of it.

As not all logistics networks function alike, we decided to publish a short guide to our New Silk Road Network (NSRN). Appropriately named, ‘TIPS AND TRICKS FOR AN EFFECTIVE NSRN EXPERIENCE’, this 101 guide will help your team get acquainted with our network. It lays out directions on how to set up a company profile, what steps to undertake to integrate the network into your daily business, how to use the NSRN portal and utilise our marketing platforms, and last but not least keep up to date with the industry developments through our knowledge hub.

Carefully crafted with inspiration from our most active members, our guide intends to make each of our members a relevant player along the New Silk Road. NSRN is dedicated to creating the best networking experience for all, and we believe that these TIPS AND TRICKS will enrich the member’s experience with our network, open new doors for their business and finally, knit a closer community.

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