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(Pic Credit: Youtube)

NSRN founding member Langowski Logistics (formally known as Langowski Shipping) was featured in a Chinese Documentary series called “Yu Sees the New World”, produced by Henan Television (HNTV). The episode titled ‘One Belt One Road Research’, features managing director Tomasz Langowski with the presenter of the episode, taking him on a tour of their Warsaw warehouse.

The warehouse is situated in Pruszków, on the outskirts of Warsaw. It showcased the containers that arrived from Zhengzhou International Hub. The warehouse provides consolidation for rail cargo and further provides distribution via road transport to different cities in Europe. As one of the six warehouses that are managed by Langowski, this particular one houses a wide variety of goods that mainly arrive from China. The insider’s view of the Langowski warehouses brings out the world-class amenities that they offer. The episode lauds Langowski’s initiative to grasp the opportunities of rail freight between China and Europe. In the past three years, Langowski Logistics has established itself on the New Silk Road and become a key player in the rail freight industry. Tomasz Langowski was also featured for another interview with a Chinese television channel back in 2015 when they became devanning agents for LCL consoles coming in from China.

(Pic Credit: Langowski Logistics. Featuring Tomasz Langowski with TV crew)

More importantly, Langowski owns five bonded warehouses across Gdynia, Gdansk, Lodz and Warsaw – the latter two being major hubs for the New Silk Road. If you happen to be attending our 1st Annual General Meeting in Warsaw from 6th-8th Sep, maybe it would be a nice stop by to see one of their warehouses.

Click Here to watch the video on Youku, and here to watch on Youtube.

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