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It is often said that the key to successful communication is listening. We are listening to our members and partners as we proactively apply their suggestions. A month ago, we sent a questionnaire to our members and partners, that focused on understanding their needs. One of the most common suggestions that we heard was the need to have a chat group where everyone could quickly reach out to one another, and that is why we have launched our NSRN chat group on WeChat.

Why WeChat?

After careful consideration, there were broadly two reasons why we selected the WeChat app over others. First and most importantly, most chat applications are disabled in China. Therefore it would have been inconsistent to have a group on other chat services like Whatsapp. As our focus is on promoting engagement with logistics company in China, we preferred WeChat, which is widely used there. Second, compared to many other chat applications, WeChat has a simple user- interface and is relatively secure.

Promoting a Close-knit Community

This platform lets our members and partners connect quickly and directly with each other. You can toss RPs and get fast responses from others, instead of writing a densely worded email or logging into our portal every time you need to make an enquiry. NSRN team will also use the group for any important announcements regarding the network.

The chat group allows members and partners to reach us directly by calling or messaging us with any questions. Since our community is steadily growing, we aim to create a closed knit circle where all can get in touch with each other and keep the communication open and transparent. Moreover, the group will assist in creating some acquaintances before the 1st Annual General Meeting in Warsaw, which can then turn into friendships and partnerships.

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