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(Pic Credit: MEPL International)

MEPL International, NSRN’s founding member from UAE recently undertook the task of delivering 4 aircraft engines from UAE to Korea. MEPL handled the loading and lashing, customs clearance, as well as the sea freight up to Busan port. The four engines were stowed in pairs in two containers, and as we shall see, the process was not easy.

Because of the coronavirus, the task of loading the engines was not the simplest. Workers were required to wear masks and maintain a healthy distance whenever possible. Moreover, the temperature in UAE was around 45 degrees Celsius, making the conditions extremely tough on the ground. However, with sheer persistence and will power the MEPL team successfully finished the loading of two containers in just under 12 hours. The team continuously kept hydrated and motivated, as the main challenge they faced was to tilt the engines from their original vertical position as received from the shipper, to a parallel position. MEPL Team was happy to share that they successfully loaded the containers, despite the harsh circumstances.

Apart from forwarding capabilities, MEPL also proudly demonstrates expertise in project cargo. They have solid connections in CIS, Europe, and the Middle East. NSRN is proud to have a member as MEPL and wishes them the best for the future!

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