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(Pic Credit:Langowski Logistics)

In the month of July, NSRN’s founding member Langowski Logistics welcomed a peculiar cargo in their warehouse in Warsaw. As part of their military cargo service, Langowski Logistics brought in a tank. This M26 ‘Pershing’, is a US model from World War II. Although a medium tank, it was renamed as a heavy tank to boost the morale of the soldiers fighting in the war. Though smaller than a usual heavy tank, it is much bulkier than a regular medium tank. After the Second World War, it also debuted in the Korean War in the 1950s.

Langowski Logistics believes in continual progress, and in the last couple of years, they have built a robust portfolio of services for military cargo. They have the capabilities to transport strategic and demilitarised goods. Now with the 5th warehouse in Lodz capable of handling military products, Langowski offers the following advantages:

 Own customs agency that has expertise in clearing military cargo.

 Ability to handle NATO shipments on Polish soil, in accordance to Article 302.

 Transfer, transit, and import/export of government permits.

 Multimodal transport solutions.

 Door-to-Door service with utmost care.

 Experience and knowledge in handling IMO class1 explosives.

Since 2018, Langowski Logistics has handled over 25 military and oversized cargo. Langowski Logistics’ overall expertise in forwarding, customs clearance, military and project cargo allows them to handle the most exceptional shipments in their various warehouses across Poland. A competent member of our network, Langowski Logistics never fails to surprise us all. NSRN applauds Langowski Logistics growing expertise!

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