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(Pic Credit: CSL Poland. Laura Hołowacz receiving the award)

The founder of CSL Poland, Laura Hołowacz, was recently awarded the Honorary Ambassadorship of Stettin, Poland. This is the first time in the history of Stettin that a businessperson, has been bestowed this title. CSL Poland is also a founding member of our New Silk Road Network (NSRN).

Laura Hołowacz, President of the CSL Group and the founder of Stara Rzeźnia, also received statuettes and medals from the mayor of Stettin. Ms Hołowacz received this honour in recognition of her initiation to reconstruct the Old Slaughterhouse in Łasztownia and establishing a cultural centre. The Culture Center of the Euroregion Stara Rzeźnia has organized several hundred concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and performances. Today it is one of the most culturally active places in the city.

Humbled and honoured after receiving the award, Ms. Hołowacz states that she feels great joy in accepting such a title and hopes to continue for the city’s betterment. NSRN congratulates Ms. Hołowacz and the CSL group receiving on this award, and we are delighted to see our members engage in community-building activities. We are pleased to have members like them on board!

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