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China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has performed tremendously well in connecting China to Europe. In this initiative, the biggest beneficiaries have been Central Asian countries, Central and Eastern European countries etc. Many countries have also expanded their trade into the Chinese market and forged stable connections with the East. Parallelly, China has also invested in many of these countries to boost their economies and transform them into long-standing partners.

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(Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics)

Recently, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), a founding member of New Silk Road Network (NSRN), was contracted to transport 20 excavators from China to Germany. Upon receiving the request, the AGL team in Germany turned to Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services, also a founding member of NSRN, and Hyundai Glovis. The Columbia Pro Rail team organized the pre-carriage and transport under FOB terms from Changsha to Shanghai using four oversized trucks.

(Sunila Yadav receiving 'Business Leader of the Year' award.)

Recently, Sunila Yadav, Managing Director of Anil Mantra Pvt Ltd, a member of the New Silk Road Network, won the prestigious 'Business Leader of the Year' award. Organised by World Leadership Congress and Awards, it is one of the most sought-after events for those in business. The 19th Global Edition and the 4th India Edition of the Business Leader of the Year Award ceremony was hosted in Mumbai this year. It brought together the stalwarts and strategic leaders from various business sectors under one roof to celebrate the exceptional work of various individuals during the year.

Through our interviews for New Silk Road Network, we have spoken with various companies headed by men and women, and indeed, there have been differences in the way business is conducted. The business world portrays and demands masculine qualities, which has been the norm and the image for decades. However, as more women are ushered into the space, new and efficient ways of doing business are being introduced, making our logistics world more productive and more equal.

With these thoughts in backdrop, this month we spoke to Nadezhda Nikova, the Managing Director of Mireks Shipping, Bulgaria, a founding member of New Silk Road Network. With over 19 years in professional experience and running the company for 17 years, Ms. Nikova has mentored many young professionals who have learnt the various values of the company. While creating a thriving workplace for her employees, Ms. Nikova promotes human values in the dry and rigid industry. These values have permeated through their business as they create solid bonds with their customers and partners worldwide. In the challenging times of the Covid-19, Ms. Nikova's belief of 'Human to Human' has supported the company, as they offered flexibility to their peers and their customers.

(Nadezhda Nikova, Managing Director of Mireks Shipping)

If one has to understand what 'on the go' means, one only needs to meet Monique Geisler, Vice President and Co-founder of Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), a founding member of New Silk Road Network. One can always expect Ms. Geisler at her office, chipping away at the day's work, guiding her workforce through the day's challenges and sometimes catching a quick pensive moment on the office terrace.

Together with co-founder and CEO Mr. Carsten Hellmers, Ms. Geisler has led Alexander Global Logistics successfully through the 15 years since its establishment. In these years, she has gained the adulation and respect of her employees, who rely on her wisdom in times of need. In our conversation with her, Ms.Geisler demonstrated the importance of fighting stagnation by continually developing new ideas, the wide range of services that AGL offers to their customers, and widening global horizons. Finally, Ms. Geisler shares some valuable words of wisdom for young women and men in the logistics industry.

(Monique Geisler, Co-founder and Vice President of Alexander Global Logistics)

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