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New Silk Road Network's member PRIMUM was founded in 1997, since then, they have been providing international trucking services in vast lands of the European and Asian continent. The company handles almost everything on their trailer beds, from dangerous goods (ADR) and chemicals, to oversized shipments, temperature-controlled cargo, high-value goods, pharmaceuticals, groupage cargo and consolidation, and project cargo. They have unique expertise in trucking and extensive knowledge of the written and unspoken laws of the local markets.

Last month, our team had the pleasure of speaking with Alexander Smal, Deputy Commercial Director at PRIMUM.

Alexander Smal, Photo Credit: PRIMUM.

We learn about the growth journey of the company, and how they have managed to stay resilient in an environment where truck drivers are becoming increasingly difficult to hire. Furthermore, we discuss the current market and its impact on PRIMUM’s operations, how they are weathering these challenges and preparing for the future with their eco-initiatives.

Over the summer months, we featured case studies from New Silk Road Network's Cargo Tracking and Supply Chain Transparency partner Tive Inc. about the perishables and pharmaceutical industries. This month, our team had the pleasure of talking with Blerta Lataj, Referral Partner Manager at Tive Inc., about the story of Tive as a start-up, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, the brand-new perspective they brought to cargo tracking, the incredible innovative new Tive products, and their future plans.

As with many businesses, Tive was born out of observing real-life problems. In this particular story, founder and CEO Krenar Komoni realized just how much time his father-in-law, the owner of a trucking company, spent on the phone tracking the whereabouts of his trucks all day. Krenar then set out to ease this stress by designing a GPS tracker that could be fitted onto the trucks, eliminating the need for constant check-up calls. Step by step, this basement project has flourished into a successful company with over 150 people.

Pic Credit: Tive Inc.

If anything, change is the only constant in logistics. To continuously deliver localized service, InterRail Europe GmbH, New Silk Road Network’s member from Germany, recently announced the addition of two more operative offices under the InterRail brand.

Pic Credit: InterRail

At New Silk Road Network, we are always extremely happy when our members receive recognition for their hard work. Most recently, At-abraý /Turkmenline, our member representing Turkmenistan was awarded "Best Cargo Transit Company" in 2022 at International Transport and Transit Corridors Conference held in Ashgabat.

Pic Credit: At-abraý /Turkmenline

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