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If you are a woman in the field of logistics, take a look around your office space and try to count the number of men and women around you. Is the number equal? If it is, then consider yourself lucky to be in that space of equality. Though such cases may be many, the general trend of the unbalanced workforce remains rooted in the field of logistics.

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New Silk Road Network’s member InterRail Europe GmbH’s sister company InterRail Kazakhstan LLP, headquartered in Almaty, a subsidiary of InterRail Holding AG, Switzerland, recently converted their sales office in Nur-Sultan into an operational branch last month.

(Pic Credit:RheinCargo, Marc Britzwein)

New Silk Road Network member IGS Schreiner GmbH’s sister company, IGS Intermodal is successfully operating the connection between Cologne and the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, together with their partner CTS Container-Terminal in Cologne. This is a fast and reliable rail link that has been active since May 2019 and has become an established product in the German intermodal market.

(Spedman team's charitable work)

An essential part of the Christmas season is the act of charity. Many members of New Silk Road Network conduct charitable activities as a way of giving back to the society that sustains them, and that is a truly remarkable gesture.

Our member, Spedman Global Logistics, undertook several charitable activities this Christmas, of which, we would like to highlight two of them in this article.

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