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Romania is a critical and growing market within the European continent and along the New Silk Road. As part of the 16+1 cooperation with China, Romania is emerging as a significant player within the Belt and Road Initiative. To get a deeper perspective of SMEs in Romania, we spoke with Florin Carmaciu, Business Network Developer and Sales Manager at Dream Cargo Services, a New Silk Road Network member.

(Pic Credit: Dream Cargo Services)

(Pic Credit: JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven)

New Silk Road Network’s partner Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort Marketing GmbH & Co. KG., has recently finalised the full occupancy of the modern new warehouse, Atlantic One, owned by Peper & Söhne GmbH. Atlantic One, in cooperation with Robert C. Spies, Beeken Transport und Logistik and Wolkenweg GmbH will benefit from the trimodal accessibility and flexible usage of the new warehouse space. Interestingly, Wolkenweg GmbH is a Chinese owned company importing furniture.

(Pic Credit:MEPL International)

New Silk Road Network founding member MEPL International was commissioned for a project to move several Genset units for their client. While 7 units have already been successfully shipped, the 3rd lot of 3 x 40FT flat racks was destined to move during the month of September, when space, equipment and trucking shortage was on peak.

(Pic credit: CSL Sp. z.o.o)

New Silk Road Network’s founding member CSL Sp. z o.o. recently received an award recognizing its excellence in the category of Transport and Logistics. The Symbol awards are given to those organisations that strive to make the world a better place. Started in 2011, the awards are hosted by the editorial office of "Monitor Rynkowy", part of "Monitor Biznesu", an independent supplement distributed with "Rzeczpospolita".

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