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The New Silk Road Network (NSRN) is excited to collaborate with our partner duisport – Duisburger Hafen AG on a series of engaging articles that cover various nuances of the port and how it has developed as one of the most central locations in the European and Asian logistics and supply chain. These articles are written with the help of duisport personnel, giving NSRN first-hand information about the different aspects of the company, its history, its functions, and major features that make it a class apart. In the first article of the series, we cover the historical foundations of duisport and its centrality to the China-EU rail services.

(Duisburger Hafen. Pic Credit: duisport Copyright: Hans Blossey )

With 2021 rushing by already, we are already at the point of the year where we are eagerly looking forward to our next Annual General Meeting. Another opportunity for our community to come together, exchange business ideas, and facilitate our members and partners' growth. Before we engross ourselves in this year's preparations, a quick reflection is needed to remind ourselves and our community of the previous AGM. This reflective activity will help remind us of our experiences in Warsaw and what to expect from our AGM this year.

(NSRN Community at the 1st AGM)

It is not often that you open social media or news apps (or newspapers) and see a gigantic container ship wedged between the two ends of the Suez Canal, leaving just enough space for a little canoe to pass through. Of course, canoes cannot transport containers. As the Suez Canal came to a halt last month for a period of 6 days and 7 hours, a traffic blockage was caused, preventing containers ships from moving through the waterway. The repercussions: delayed shipments, delayed trade, ships were taking longer routes via the Cape of Good Hope and finally, distressed customers and freight forwarders.

(Satellite Image of the Suez Canal Obstruction. Pic Credit: Wikipedia)

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