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(Pic credit: AGL Agemar)

Leveraging yet another fascinating opportunity, New Silk Road Network’s member AGL-Agemar performed exclusive handling for Formula 1 Redbull Racing Team. Despite the lack of its usual packed audience seats, the Formula 1 races still went ahead in 2020. The Turkish Grand Prix took place in Istanbul on 15 November, completing the 14th round of the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship.

Container Terminal JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven, one of New Silk Road Network's esteemed partners, decided to join us for an interview in the first month of the year to reflect on the learnings of 2020 and highlight the upcoming projects in 2021. In our talk with Ingo Meidinger, Director of Sales at JadeWeserPort, we learned about the port's various services and their achievements. Moreover, we learnt about overcoming the impact of Covid-19 on JadeWeserPort, and their expectations of the future. JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven is on the road towards the normal and expects to continuously focus on projects that will bring them closer to the New Silk Road. In conversation with Ingo…

(Aerial view of JadeWeserPort)

In the world of logistics, each company has its own identity and its own flavour. Some prefer to venture out and explore, while others prefer to go by the book. In our conversation with Sunila Yadav, CEO of Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt Ltd., we realised that each company's uniqueness lies in the people who are running it. New Silk Road Network's member Anil Mantra established itself in the 2000s in India. Since then, they have created a strong niche for themselves in not just the local market, but also in Kazakhstan.

The charioteer of this company, Ms. Yadav founded the company against all odds, in an industry that has long kept women at bay. The journey of Ms. Yadav is synonymous to the company. The interview delves deep into the formation of the company, its growing years and achievements. Moreover, we see a picture of the harsh realities of a business world that still has a long way to go in regards to gender equality. Challenging the norms and breaking the barriers is not just a characteristic of Ms. Yadav but also of her company Anil Mantra.

(CEO of Anil Mantra, Sunila Yadav)

In the first decade of the 21st century, Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries emerged as new markets in Europe as they strengthened their economies and political processes. This allowed them to open up to the global market, creating a fertile and competitive environment. In 2012, China discovered the untapped potential of the CEE economies and pursued 17+1 Cooperation. This Cooperation was signed by 17 CEE countries and China, as it aimed to enrich cooperations in transport, logistics, trade and investment. It even promoted cultural and academic collaboration between the countries.

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(Pic credit: CSL Sp. z.o.o)

Observing an industry's characteristics helps a company provide services that are unique and creative in nature. With that spirit, New Silk Road Network's (NSRN) member CSL Sp. z o.o., Poland, is involved in a new project of Nearshoring.

Nearshoring allows a business to spread its operations to countries that share a border with them or are in their geographical vicinity. The choice is usually the closest neighbouring countries. CSL Poland informs us that due to the pandemic caused lockdowns, there have been challenges in delivering goods from China.

Apart from tackling the coronavirus by creating vaccines, one of the biggest challenges that stands on the doorsteps of the healthcare industry and governments is the transportation and distribution of vials. First doses have already been administered in Western nations like the USA, the UK and Germany. Many other countries are expected to start rounds of vaccination in the coming days.

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