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New Silk Road Network’s founding member from China, CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co. celebrated their 16th anniversary on the 7th of July 2022. Founded in July 2006 as a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Communications, and the General Administration of Customs, the company has stood the test of time following their motto of “Integrity, Innovation, Pragmatism, Efficiency”.

Pic Credit: CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co.

Planning, organizing, and coordinating the movement of goods between points of origin and consumption is the essential function of logistics and supply chain management. Pharmaceutical transportation requires a particular expertise with special requirements. Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd., a New Silk Road Network member from China, recently imported 73 pallets of chemical medicine, valued at 60 million Chinese Yuan from France to Hangzhou. They are now happy to report that a high level of efficiency was achieved for the domestic import service and customs clearance handled by them.

Pic Credit: Intermax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

Back in January 2022, we had the pleasure of sharing the news from our founding member Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) with regards to their procurement of a 90.000 sqm storage space in Bremerhaven, Germany.

As a strong player on the global stage for transporting forestry products such as pulp and paper, the addition of such an asset has proven to be extremely impactful on their operations today.

Our team had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Alexander Tuleweit, Import Manager, and Mr. Kai Warrelmann, Warehouse Manager-Surveyor, about the current warehousing market in Europe, how owning a warehouse has impacted their operations, and their investments towards being more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. We also talk about how they are actively promoting the usage of rail to take trucks off the road and even eventually replace barge services.

Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics

As we are rolling into summer, we are delighted to present a 3-part case study, in collaboration with our partner for Cargo Tracking and Supply Chain Transparency, Tive Inc. Each article will highlight a different industry, its unique challenges, and feature real-life stories from Tive’s customers, who have benefited from using the Tive tracking solutions. Perishables and food shipments will be the focus of this article.

Pic Credit: Tive Inc.

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