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Congestion has been striking the global logistics industry over the past months. Its latest victim, rail freight. News from various border crossings and terminals has been flooding in, with reports of containers being stranded for weeks on end. There are several reasons in several regions along the New Silk Road that are causing these congestions. Apart from regional factors, the various oncoming logistics seasons are also contributing to the snail-paced movement.

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The recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has caused a lot of confusion and disorder within the country, as citizens fled and those that remained were unable to access their business and other economic amenities. Reports in the media suggest that this takeover was not welcomed and came across as a disruption to the country's socio-political system that took years to establish.

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The past two years have been momentous for traditional freight forwarding companies. Be it the pandemic or the changes within the logistics industry, a new curveball has arrived every few weeks. To speak about these issues and more, we interviewed Fleteval Forwarding, a member of the New Silk Road Network from Spain.

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Rail of the Art (ROTA), Atlantic Forwarding’s latest block trains, have successfully established themselves as an effective service along the New Silk Road. With unique train names such as ‘Rosie’ and ‘Emma’, they certainly piqued everyone’s curiosity about their novel venture. A member of the New Silk Road Network, Atlantic Forwarding has sustained a long interest in exploring rail initiatives between China and the EU.

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As the Mid-Autumn Festival in China rolled in, a train from Container Terminal JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven, New Silk Road Network’s partner from Germany, departed for Hefei in China. The train marked the first eastbound journey from Wilhelmshaven towards China. It commenced its journey on the 15th of September at 11:44 am local time, carrying 84 TEUs of skincare products, oatmeal drinks, pulp products and a mix of other goods. The cargo train will enter via Alanshankou.

(Anil Mantra Team with their Awards. Pic Credit: Anil Mantra Logistix)

New Silk Road Network’s member from India, Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt Ltd was awarded as the ‘Emerging Company of the Year’ in the category of Logistics and Supply Chain. The Managing Director Sunila Yadav was also awarded the ‘Dynamic Freight and Cargo’ Personality of the year.

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