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The growing influence of the CIS region within the New Silk Road has perked up many ears and pushed for investments within the region. In the first interview of 2022, we decided to speak with Great Silk Road Group, a recognized and dependable transportation and logistics company in Turkmenistan that has a long list of large international clients: a testament to their services, capabilities, and capacities.

(Pic Credit: Great Silk Road )

(Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics)

The current market continues to be challenging for pulp and paper producers worldwide. Delays, rolling of containers, unreliable services and, of course, historic high levels of sea freight rates have pushed producers to re-think their supply chains.

(AGL's Bremerhaven Warehouse. Pic credit: AGL )

On the 1st of November, New Silk Road Network’s Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) became an owner of a warehouse situated in the German port city of Bremerhaven. This warehouse in Bremerhaven, is in immediate proximity to the container terminal (900 meters) and caters to our broad set of clients across the globe and especially in North America.

One of New Silk Road Network’s primary goals is our sincere commitment towards the contribution and preservations of our multifarious knowledge hub. Our knowledge hub plays a critical role in sustaining member engagement, myth-busting and creating a space for exchanging information regarding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its possible impacts on the logistics industry. Every year, during our networking events, we spare some time to collectively exchange expertise on the New Silk Road.

(NSRN Members and Partners at Port of Wilhelmshaven)

Romania is a critical and growing market within the European continent and along the New Silk Road. As part of the 16+1 cooperation with China, Romania is emerging as a significant player within the Belt and Road Initiative. To get a deeper perspective of SMEs in Romania, we spoke with Florin Carmaciu, Business Network Developer and Sales Manager at Dream Cargo Services, a New Silk Road Network member.

(Pic Credit: Dream Cargo Services)

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