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(Pic Credit: CSC Transport Limited)

New Silk Road Network’s member from China CSC Transport Limited has reported the successful launch of their new weekly air freight service from Changsha (CSX) to New York (JFK). The first shipment took place on October 17th, 2020 and is part of the fixed space they are currently offering on this route.

(Pic Credit: IGS Schreiner)

The transport infrastructure in the strong economic metropolitan region of Stuttgart has been at full capacity for some time now. Frequent traffic jams on motorways and federal roads make planning difficult, and not only for freight transport. As a result, many representatives from logistics, industry and trade are calling for additional intermodal capacity. This should effectively ease congestion on the roads and reduce pollutant emissions.

Freight Consult Ghana Limited is New Silk Road Network’s first member from Africa. In an interview with Mr Abdulai Pangasur, the Managing Director of Freight Consult, our pre-conceived notions about doing business with companies in Africa were exonerated as we discovered the broad set of possibilities in expanding the New Silk Road in the region.

(Freight Consult Ghana Team. Top Center: Abdulai Pangasur. Pic Credit: Freight Consult Ghana)

Rail subsidies are one of the most controversial topics when it comes to the New Silk Road. This conundrum holds many lessons for freight forwarders working on the New Silk Road. At the time, one of the most attractive aspects of the New Silk Road were the opportunities to avail subsidies, especially while transporting westbound via rail.

(Freight trains in China. Pic Credit:Wikipedia, by Kabelleger/David Gubler)

(Pic Courtesy: Kopf + Lübben)

A few months ago, New Silk Road Network’s founding member, Kopf + Lübben GmbH undertook an extraordinary transport with special permits, within the city of Bremen, Germany. A decommissioned Deutsche Bahn wagon was picked up by a low loader from the train station and then taken to an industrial area.

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