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2020-21 saw some of the biggest logistical disasters, and no, we are not referring to the Ever given stuck in the Suez Canal. The Lebanon explosion in 2020 and the X-Press Pearl disaster a few months ago are prime examples of the mismanagement of dangerous goods. Almost every year, we hear of large oil spills in the ocean and port explosions that pose threats to economic, human and environmental aspects.

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On July 13th 2021, the first direct train from the Chinese city of Hefei in Anhui province reached the JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven, a partner of New Silk Road Network. The train departed Hefei on 25 June with a volume of around 100 TEU, carrying mainly household appliances as well as textiles and electrical goods, which will be distributed from Wilhelmshaven to the hinterland.

(Train arrives at JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven)

(Pic Credit: Alexander Global Logistics)

As container freight rates continue to increase exponentially, more shippers are looking to Breakbulk to fulfil their requirements. In the last three months alone, container freight rates have risen by another 50%. The "Ever Given" grounding in the Suez Canal has made the world more aware of what the shipping industry entails. The consequences have emphasised the fragility of the world's supply chains as the repercussions continue to be felt. This has caused many shippers to rely on Breakbulk rather than the unreliable container rates.

(Pic credit: JadeWeserPort)

New Silk Road Network’s founding partner JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven is preparing to welcome the first direct container train from Hefei International Landport (HILP), in Hefei China, to the freight village of JadeWeserPort. The train departed on the 25th June and is hopefully the first of many more which will bring more and more cargo to Wilhelmshaven.

The Persian Gulf has always been a crucial logistics gateway, especially to venture into the CIS region. The landlocked CIS region could only be accessed through specific gateways to export or import cargo. However, after the economic embargo placed on Iran, these options reduced even further. New Silk Road Network’s member from UAE, Astron Shipping, presents a detailed overview of accessing the Persian Gulf and the route to the CIS region. Astron Shipping has been in the business for years and are experts in sea, air and road freight. They are adept in the Gulf Area and the CIS. Apart from this, they are also capable in the field of Breakbulk cargo.

(Project Logistics conducted by Astron Shipping. Pic Credit:Astron Shipping)

Since early 2020, our lives have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, halting our routines and taking over what was once ‘normal’. But despite these impacts, the logistics industry exceeded their capabilities and outperformed themselves. In this article, the third in the series, we discern how duisport- Duisburger Hafen AG, the world’s largest inland port, fulfilled their operations and crossed their targets for the year.

(Chinazug aus Wuhan im Duisburger Hafen. Pic Credit:duisport Copyright: dws Werbeagentur)

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