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The logistics sector of the Baltic states is an intriguing niche that has progressed leaps and bounds in the late 20th and ongoing 21st century. After gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania focused on restoring the values of liberal democracies, open societies and promoting private enterprise. In a matter of a few years, the Baltic nations joined the European Union and fostered more robust financial systems, allowing them to be classified as high-income economies with equally high Human Development Index. This story of success influenced each and every sector of their market, including the one that holds our interests here at New Silk Road Network, which is logistics.

Baltic Sea Surrounding Countries, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Within the large European logistics market, the Baltic nations have created an interesting niche for themselves post-independence from the Soviet regime. In a period that Lauras Lukošius, Founder and Managing Director of Baltic Freight Services (BFS), describes as ‘Wild Capitalism’, many private logistics businesses were established. Among them was also Baltic Freight Services (BFS), set up in 1996 in Vilnius and operating in a dense and competitive Lithuanian market even today. Where logistics forms a significant portion of the country’s GDP, a company like BFS understands the opportunities and the diverse capabilities it needs to offer to its clients. While the company initially began their journey through air freight services, today, BFS’s portfolio covers all modes, such as air, ocean, road and rail freight solutions, along with services such as customs documentation, packing, labelling and door-to-door service.  

Lauras Lukošius, Photo Credit: Baltic Freight Services.

In an ever-changing world, our members are also not standing still. New Silk Road Network member from China, Shenzhen Smile International Logistics Company Ltd, just announced their relocation to a new spacious and modern premise of 1,000 square meters. The new Shenzhen office aims to accommodate their increasing business and offer better support for their client base.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Smile Internation Logistics Company Ltd.

New Silk Road Network member from Poland, Omida S.A. extended their hand to assist a fellow member from Bulgaria, Mireks Shipping with finding the right storage facility in Poland.

Mireks Shipping was in need of a warehouse in Poland, where various goods from different shippers, such as second-hand spare car parts, had to be consolidated. Upon arrival in the warehouse, the parts, which were packed in cartons, had to be put on one pallet ready for inland haulage.

The reliability of New Silk Road Network’s member for China, InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd., is once again demonstrated. The team safely and successfully delivered over-width TP covers for offshore wind farms, to their final delivery destination, Kaohsiung. TP covers are sturdy waterproof components used to protect offshore wind farms during their construction. Sent from Denmark and stowed into a vessel in Amsterdam, the TP covers were loaded onto five 40’ flat racks containers. The TP covers were stacked in piles of 7, with each stack measuring 7.5 x 6.58 x 2.81m and weighing 8.000 kilograms.

Photo Credit: InterMax Logistics Solutions Ltd.

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